How to eat half an ice cream sandwich

I told someone I’d just eaten half an ice cream sandwich and they said they were impressed.  🤔

It wasn’t trivial, because I do enjoy sweets, but wasn’t that difficult.

Here’s how to successfully eat half an ice cream sandwich (or anything else your body craves), from easy to difficult:

1) [Easy] Take an ice cream sandwich out of the package and cut it in half. Hand half to your wife/kid/friend/neighbor/etc and then pick up your half and enjoy it.

2) [Not difficult] Store your ice cream sandwiches in a freezer in the basement/garage.  Go get one and bring it to the kitchen.  Open one end of the package and slide the ice cream sandwich out of the package and put it on a plate. Cut it in half and put half back into the package.  Take that half an ice cream sandwich in a package back to the freezer in the basement/garage and put it away.  Only then do you pick up the half you’re going to eat and enjoy it.

3) [Medium] Same as above but don’t bother taking the half you’re saving back to the basement until after you eat the half you’re going to eat.

4 [Difficult] Open the package and start eating the ice cream sandwich. When you’ve eaten half of it, stop eating it, close up the package, and put it back into the freezer.


So, I wouldn’t be impressed that you ate only half an ice cream sandwich unless you did number 4 on this list 🙂


* I did (2) on the list, fwtw 😉


Xcode Tip: Shift+right-click

Just learned this useful Xcode tip (works in Xcode 4.4+ I believe but I’m on Xcode 4.5.2):

If you shift+right-click on a view (or control+shift+left-click to simulate a shift+right-click) you will get a popup of all the views under the click and can choose any of them (to edit properties or what  not).

This is especially useful with complex view hierarchies with multiple layers of nested views.

Here’s a screenshot showing you what it looks like.  I shift+Right-clicked on a NSTableCellView embedded inside an NSTableView in an NSSplitView in a root NSView in an NSWindow.  Navigating through the outline hierarchy would be slow but this is very quick.