Thank You Customers!

Just wanted to send out a thanks to those people who have purchased Dial-a-Dice.  Two purchases each of the last two days – pretty fun!  It’s especially neat to see the purchases from people outside the USA: one from Australia and one from France.  Wow – cool!

Dial-a-Dice is a simple little app, but it’s pretty cool and actually useful without a lot of glitz.  Geek has some ideas for some improvements and, of course, Geek has a bunch of more ambitious ideas that hopefully we’ll actualize some of this summer.  (I have a few of my own, but seems unlikely that there will be time for those until the fall :)).

Update 2009.05.30 – Countries with customers now include: France, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Australia, and the USA.  Very neat.


Cool D&D® Tool

I found a cool script that lets you search the D&D rules. Select text and click the bookmark. Enter this as the bookmark address:



D&D is a registered trademark of Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.

First iPhone™ App submitted to the App Store™!

Geek & Dad’s first iPhone app has been submitted to the iPhone App Store!  

The stories about getting approved range from “no big deal” to “nightmare!” so who knows what we will experience.  It’s a really simple application and Dad spent hours reading on all the requirements for using Apple®’s trademarks, how to refer to the App Store, getting approved for the on the iPhone App Store logo artwork, making sure to use it within all the guidelines (no smaller than 40 pixels tall, specified amount of padding around it, watch out for background, no alternating of color or content…etc etc).  Testing on G&D’s iPod touch® running the 3.0 beta of the iPhone OS and then testing on Dad’s iPhone running the latest public release of the iPhone OS, version 2.2.1.  Etc. and So On. Hours as I said.

So, hopefully all that hard work will pay off and find us approved in a reasonably quick fashion.

The app itself is a very small but Geek and fun making it and has hopes that it’ll actually sell a few copies…  

Anyway, once it’s live on the App Store, we’ll post to announce the product formally.


Apple, the Apple logo, iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPhone and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc.

RPG attack roller dashboard widget available

Geek built a little Mac OS X Dashboard widget (10.4.2 and later) that is an “RPG Attack Calculator”, or so I’m told.  It’s up on the Apple Downloads area and available directly from the geek and dad website:  Attack Calculator Widget.  Pretty Geeky, but I guess that’s the point! 🙂   

Donation-ware – if you like it and want him to do more, press the donate button at the above link or in the widget.