Geek takes a 4 day Architecture Class

Geek took a 4 day architecture class a couple of weeks ago that was pretty fun. They first drew plans and then built a model. Geek did a museum structure (I believe, he’s with grandparents this week so can’t ask to confirm). Here are some pictures of the plans:

Second Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
First Floor plan
First Floor plan

And then some pictures of the really cool model he made of it:

Model showing the dome in the central area of the second floor
Model showing the dome in the central area of the second floor
Front View
Front View
Side View
Side View

Wesnoth Mage Era

Geek has been playing around with a game called wesnoth.  The basic idea is that fantasy good guys (elves, dwarves, etc.) battle fantasy bad guys (orcs, trolls, etc.). Geek has created a new team for wesnoth: Team Mages! Team Mages is a new team with all the magic users from all the other teams in wesnoth.  Team Mages can be downloaded from the wesnoth server from within the wesnoth application.  Look under the name “Mage Era”.

Geek & Dad in the wood shop

Geek & Dad have also spent a couple of afternoons in the wood shop.  Geek is working on a marble game and dad created this gift for geek’s grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary:

Small wooden sculpture to celebrate 50th wedding anniversary. (click for larger image)
Small wooden sculpture to celebrate 50th wedding anniversary. (click for larger image)

Made from a piece of a branch trimmed from the big oak tree at our house it represents two links in a chain that have been linked for 50 years.  Oak was a nicely symbolic wood to use, but was quite challenging to carve/work.

Geek & Dad Summer 2009 Daily Routine

The initial Geek & Dad summer 2009 routine now that Geek is on Summer Break from school:

  1. If Geek gets up first he sneaks to the computer and plays games when Dad isn’t awake to say “no!”
  2. Dad finally gets up and it’s time to stretch together
  3. Eat breakfast  together
  4. Exercise – homestead style if possible (today we stacked 3/4 cord of firewood to cure)
  5. shower, hydrate
  6. write a poem and other writing if in the mood
  7. draw for at least 30 minutes, was 45 today (sitting outside).
  8. computer time (no playing games! :))
    1. Hopefully we’ll work on some G & D projects together, but so far Dad’s been stuck on some contract work (does help pay the bills though!)
    2. otherwise Dad does Work while Geek works on whatever he wants; currently he’s evaluating game engines (Torque Game Engine, 2D version) though today he’s drafting D&D® rules (“trying to make the Stormstriker Paragon Path” – whatever that means!).
  9. Lunch together, ideally outside.
  10. unless we are doing a non-computer project which hopefully we’ll get to sooner than later, more computer stuff (since Dad’s stuck on a contract that’s what we’ve had to do).
  11. Hacky-Sack break (reminiscent of the “D-Lab” at Reed College – this is how we took our breaks from programming when I worked there starting in the summer of 1987 or was it Spring of 1986? ah the memory is going!).
  12. currently, more computer
  13. ….
  14. Mom comes home, dinner together as a family
  15. Geek does Tae Kwon Do 3 evenings a week (brown belt currently).
  16. Dad is reading “Pern” books out loud at bedtime.

The goal is to replace some of that computer time with other types of projects (electronics, building, Making, Music, etc), but so far (all of two days!) that’s been the major activity.

First iPhone™ App submitted to the App Store™!

Geek & Dad’s first iPhone app has been submitted to the iPhone App Store!  

The stories about getting approved range from “no big deal” to “nightmare!” so who knows what we will experience.  It’s a really simple application and Dad spent hours reading on all the requirements for using Apple®’s trademarks, how to refer to the App Store, getting approved for the on the iPhone App Store logo artwork, making sure to use it within all the guidelines (no smaller than 40 pixels tall, specified amount of padding around it, watch out for background, no alternating of color or content…etc etc).  Testing on G&D’s iPod touch® running the 3.0 beta of the iPhone OS and then testing on Dad’s iPhone running the latest public release of the iPhone OS, version 2.2.1.  Etc. and So On. Hours as I said.

So, hopefully all that hard work will pay off and find us approved in a reasonably quick fashion.

The app itself is a very small but Geek and fun making it and has hopes that it’ll actually sell a few copies…  

Anyway, once it’s live on the App Store, we’ll post to announce the product formally.


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