Grandpa goes back in time…

picture of grandpa in period garb January 2011
Grandpa Boone in period garb

Grandpa Boone in the outfit and gear he’s putting together for his upcoming minor role in a filmed 1778 battle re-enactment.  He’s really getting into this – even letting his hair get longer than it’s ever been.  It’s all a little too clean yet, but he goes out shooting pretty often (there’s a shooting competition at the event he’ll be attending, apparently), so if he wears the outfit while doing that I’m sure it’ll get more “used” looking!   I think he’s connecting with our ancestor Daniel Boone after whom he’s named.  We’ll see how he does in the shooting competition… then we’ll know if he’s really holding up the family reputation or not.  ha! 😀

Geek’s Uncle wins Hanafuda competition!

This is a picture of Dad’s brother and thus Geek’s Uncle (on the right) holding a large bag of rice, which, along with $50 gift certificate at Takamiya Market, is first prize for the Hanafuda contest.   Hanafuda is a Japanese card game that he plays with co-workers every lunchtime at his job as an architect.

At the Maui Matsuri Japanese Festival he entered and won the advanced division (the guy on the left won the beginner division).  To win he overcame 16 competitors in advanced group:  two of his co-workers, a very old Japanese woman, and then in the finals, a very grouchy older Japanese man. He really is amazingly diverse in his activities and will go for anything that strikes his fancy.  Go Uncle! 🙂

Dad found his first Garage Band experiment… what a laugh!

I was random shuffling my entire iTunes library today and it played this hack recording I made the day I got GarageBand.  I hadn’t played music much in years, but just listening to this I remember just how much fun I had doing this and how much fun playing music has been in the past.   I remember being just amazed that one could now have a multi-track recording studio on a laptop!  Hearing it makes me want to buy a bass and bass amp (I now have a drum kit but no mic(s) to record with – this was jacking straight into the laptop audio input port).

Alas, I recorded this one test and never did anything else (time, time, time!).  I need to carve out some time to play more music – GarageBand is astoundingly FUN!

Great comment on FUBAR from MakerBot folks

Great comment on FUBAR from MakerBot folks

FUBAR stands for:

  • Fouled
  • Up
  • Beyond
  • All
  • Recovery

or something like that.

FUBAR is a fictitious state of existence, that contradicts the perfect order of the universe devised by the great big maker. Nothing is ever so broken that it can never be fixed — especially if you have a robot that can fabricate replacement parts.


(emphasis mine)