Life planning circa early 2001

Old life-planning image that Jaimee Jaimee’s Coffee With Jaimee – getting unstuck radio show made me think of.

Just started listening to the first couple of episodes of Jaimee Finney’s new live radio show Coffee With Jaimee – A Show About Getting Unstuck and have been enjoying it quite a bit.

In these first two episodes Jaimee talked about writing down what’s most important to you in your life in episode one, and then talked about writing down your big bulky desires or goals in episode two. This reminded me of something along these lines I did in early 2001 (?). Sharing it not because the content is particularly interesting, but to illustrate that “write down” doesn’t necessarily mean making a list in the usual way. My thought was that perhaps this might help someone feel free to diagram these things out in a way that organizes them by modality, or topic, or location, or whatever works best for them and to remind people that it doesn’t have to be a linear list.

Circle in the center containing core goals/values (Be a good dad; be a good mate; be healthy) and with "rays" of text coming out for various projects (software products, technologies to learn, house projects, and so on) and things to learn and do.

I redid this later and it got a bit more concentric circle oriented, but the shape is just whatever way helps you evaluate the relative importance of things to you, your life, those you care about, and so on, so I’d recommend not letting yourself be constrained by what I or anyone else has done.

(slight redaction to remove names of products and people as appropriate)


Quick “bad guy” sketch for Geek’s care package

Just a quick sketch I did on the back of a care package we sent to Geek at camp.  Really tough to draw with ballpoint pen on one of these bubble pack envelopes (and a re-used one at that!).  Yah, I should have thought of this before I was sitting in the post office parking lot with only a ball point pen handy.

It’s supposed to be some kind of fantasy bad guy in light armor.  Spikes on gauntlets and toes of boots, war ax with hammer on backside.  you get the idea.  Rough with no pre sketch with pencil etc, and it shows. ah well, likely to make him smile and that’s what matters 🙂

Small sketch on the back of a package

Dad makes an anniversary “fo’ eva’ flower” for Geek’s Mom

A forever flower, or in hawaii pidgin, “fo’ eva flower” (or something like that).

First color drawing in decades, clearly some skill to (re)acquire..

colored pencil sketch of an iris, by dad.
An Iris for 23 years! (click to enlarge)

Graphite pencil for the rough shape, then Berol Prismacolor Colored Pencil 48 Color Set to finish it out.  I tried some Faber-Castell Color Pencils “POLYCHROMOS” but I only have a set of 36 colors and it just didn’t have the right colors for an Iris while the 48 pencil set did. There is a nice Prismacolor Pencil – Thick Lead 96 Piece Set that I might upgrade to sometime, but they aren’t inexpensive….. (!)

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More Daily Drawing (Geek)

Here are some from Geek’s daily drawing notebook.

First, two inspired by our visit to the Escher exhibit at the art museum:

Inspired by some tickets on the right and migrating to some goblets. (click for full-sized)
Inspired by some goblets on the left and migrating to some tickets,then into a ball and bouncing away. (click for full-sized)

starting with tickets again, into pattern on floor of kitchen, into kitchen/house itself (click for full-sized)
starting with tickets this time, into floor tiles, into a building (click for full-sized)

And a picture of the crayfish Geek caught and ate with help from his cousin on a recent visit to WV:

Crayfish Geek caught, cooked and ate in WV. (click for full-sized)
Crayfish Geek caught, cooked and ate in WV. (click for full-sized)

More Daily Drawing (Dad)

Some pictures from Dad’s daily drawings:

First, Dad of Dad suggested that the left side wall corner didn’t “read” right in my old house picture.  Basically, he called me on not finishing the drawing properly (I had spent enough time on it and wanted to move on and so I stopped when I knew it wasn’t really “done” – busted!).  So here’s what it looks like after I “fixed” that problem (though I still didn’t spend as much more time on it as I ideally would):

Fixed House (better shading on left side & other small changes).  (Click to see full-sized)
Fixed House (better shading on left side & other small changes). (Click to see full-sized)

Here are a couple more sketches:

Sketch of a Small Mouse (click to make larger)
Sketch of a Small Mouse (click to make larger)

sleeping Kittens (click to see full-sized)
sleeping Kittens (click to see full-sized)

First Attempt at a Ship - challenging! (click to see full-sized)
First Attempt at a Ship - challenging! (click to see full-sized)