A Legend Awakens

“A Legend Awakens” in the Tengwar script written using a Fraktur black-letter calligraphic style, by Geek. A snow day project.





Geek Art: Geek & Dad Engine Room

Geek & Dad’s engine room.

This is the engine room here at Geek & Dad corporate headquarters…

Okay, just kidding, this is a picture I made with Bryce, a 3D modeling program which is currently free. This is the fictional engine room here at Geek & Dad corporate headquarters. Game engine room, that is. This is where we keep the game engines we’re experimenting with. Here you can see cocos2d-iphone, cocos2d-x, and Unity3D, which we’ve been considering for one of our projects.

Neat Art programming tool & Twitter dev visualization

Cool visualization of Twitter’s development from 2006 to Jan 2010.


A really neat art project.  I like how they are using technology to help create art.  This is something I’d like to delve into more.  The tool and programming environment that made this: