Taking Mars Edit 4 for a spin!

So I was sad the WordPress macOS “app” is just an Electron app that wraps the website with a few macOS menu items to jump to specific pages on the site. 

Thought I’d give MarsEdit a try.  But the Mac App Store glitched 😦


AppStore download error for MarsEdit


Worked after I quit and restarted the App Store.

So one thing I’m not seeing is how to have it post to Twitter when I post to my blog.  Maybe that’ll happen inside of WordPress?

It DOES!   Ok, that’s pretty cool.  This might work after all.


Hmm.  So maybe I’ve been using Pages & Numbers too much lately, and the WordPress site, but I find myself looking to the right side “Options” pane for formatting commands.  I often want to format some content as code (go figure!) and having that very handy is nice.

OH MY WOWZA!  You can add your own formatting macros to the Format menu with key command shortcuts.  Ok.  That is slick.

let foo = 12

Little bit of trouble getting out of code mode.. but not terrible.


Wow. The feature where MarsEdit downloads my template from WordPress so that it can preview posts is very cool.


There are a few things that are tripping me up, but since I want to put more of the content I usually put on twitter onto a platform that I can keep if I bail on twitter, this seems like a good way to do it.  (I think about micro.blog also, but I just don’t ‘get’ it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

I do wish MarsEdit would save out static blog posts and use FTP to upload them to a statically hosted blog/site.  But a WPXML roc adaptor to Jekyll or something has been sketched out by two different friends so maybe that’ll materialize somehow.


One thought on “Taking Mars Edit 4 for a spin!”

  1. tl;dr: Support was swift and excellent, fwiw.

    I sent in a couple of issues I ran into with the MacApp store build and got a friendly and helpful reply quite quickly. One issue was already fixed and just waiting for App Store approval process (I downloaded direct build and confirmed the fix worked great), and the other is a more challenging issue that will take some consideration and work. I did some digging through documentation (WKWebView and friends) and the right fix doesn’t seem obvious. Anyway. Great to support an indie dev.

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