macOS custom window titlebar – don’t forget to implement the standard title right-click feature!

PSA: For a great macOS app experience, the details matter. As an example, if you implement a custom macOS window titlebar for a document based app* don’t forget to implement the feature whereby you display a menu with the folder hierarchy for the document if the user right clicks, control+clicks or command+clicks the document title in the window titlebar.

Just ran across an app that failed to do this and it was quite annoying. I needed to open the folder containing the document in the Finder so I could duplicate the file and selecting the folder name in this menu from the document title is the easiest way to do that. Bug report filed with the app maker, but please save me the time of filing one against your app by getting this right from the beginning 😉

* Note that the Finder implements this for Finder windows, so I’d follow their lead and interpret “document” broadly as ‘anything with a location in the file system’.


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