Safari – Send Window To Back Command

I often end up with a Safari window in front that I don’t want to close or minimize, but that I do want to send behind all other windows. Alas, Safari doesn’t have this command in the Window menu. I’ve requested that it be added (FB7642150) and you can also 😉

In the meantime, I don’t much like AppleScript so I don’t know it well, but this need finally hit the level where I was willing to suffer through the pain of AppleScript and hack something together (there’s probably a better way to write this). I put this into a simple Alfred workflow and it works great (yay!):

on alfred_script(q)
  tell application "Safari"
    local lastVisibleWindow
    repeat with n from 1 to count of windows
      if window n is visible then
        set lastVisibleWindow to window n
        exit repeat
       end if
     end repeat
    set index of front window to index of lastVisibleWindow
  end tell
end alfred_script

You can also use this script from a scripts menu, or other utility able to invoke applescripts, by removing the first and last lines that make it a handler for Alfred.

Tested and works under Safari 13.0.5 on macOS 10.15.3

This script handles the case where you have minimized windows. The “set index of the frontmost window to (count of windows)” type script you’ll find elsewhere online doesn’t work if you have minimized windows.



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