Fix for: Older iPod Photo (4th gen) sync fails with iTunes 11

So I have an old iPod Photo (color) 60GB iPod that’s been working great for a long time now (since July 2005!) that I use for my office music while I work. I’ve just now finally run out of space on it and so I thought I’d use iTunes’ “Convert higher bit rate songs to…” feature to cram my growing collection onto the existing iPod. I’m on an iMac running 10.7.5 and I was connecting via a USB cable.

Nice idea but it always fails after  few hundred songs when I try to sync with this setting turned on.  Grrrr.

Tried turning off “Enable disk use” because there was always an error about the disk being unmounted improperly when it fails.  No dice.

Finally thought that maybe it was a USB issue and so tried connecting it via Firewire (which this older iPod Photo can do) and Bingo!  It seems to be working (4860 songs of 7839 copied so far without a problem).

Thought I’d write this down here so others could find it.  I should file a radar but I’m having trouble imaging Apple caring about this old device…  Could be an  underlying USB issue though…? Anyway.



One thought on “Fix for: Older iPod Photo (4th gen) sync fails with iTunes 11”

  1. Ah wonder if this is a similar issue to what I’m seeing. I have the older 30G model that is shown on the USB bus but iTunes doesn’t even acknowledge its existence. Perhaps i have to get a firewire to thunderbolt adapter and try that.

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