FASA launches 1879 kickstarter – Geek & Dad doing computer version

From the FASA Games forums:

FASA’s 1879 Kickstarter is Live!

Postby FASA Games Admin » Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:14 pm

FASA’s 1879 Kickstarter is Live!It’s 1879. Queen Victoria’s armies march through the Rabbit Hole to lay claim to a new world, expanding the Empire so that multiple suns now shine upon it at all times.

These new lands are not given up easily. Descendants of the lost kingdom of Babylon fight for what they have mastered for millennia. Reptilian beings, as well, refuse to submit to the Crown without a fight.

It’s 1879, but this history is not the one you know. It’s the one you will help define.

FASA returns to the world of gaming with a bold new project, and we are launching it with an amazing Kickstarter effort that lets you become part of the story right from the beginning. With miniatures and an elegant set of rules, you can play out the key battles that will decide the fates of two worlds, and with the 1879 wargame app, you can carry the war of worlds with you everywhere! With the RPG, you can tell the stories of unique individuals who will tip the balance for all time!

Join FASA in heralding a new era of gaming, where multiple ways to play all tie into one fantastic story. Get in on the Kickstarter and help make the dream of FASA’s bold return to gaming come true!

As you may know, Geek & Dad spent this last summer building the prototype in Unity3d with art & animation by local artist/animators.  If the Kickstarter generates sufficient funds we look forward to turning this prototype into a polished game for iPad (and for other platforms, as funding permits).  We hope you’ll consider chipping in and helping us make this happen.  Thanks!

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