Unity3d v4 released! Also a tip from the release notes

Unity3d version 4 was officially released yesterday and it has a lot of nice enhancements.  Release notes are here and are well worth reading.  In fact, one thing that didn’t feel better was the new Project Browser which is nice on a desktop with a large screen, but not so great on the 13″ MacBook Air where screen space is at a premium.  Luckily they’ve left a way to get the old single column UI back for that situation, as I found in the release notes:

You can switch Project Browser to old-style one column layout in the context menu of the window (upper right corner).

The release notes above also contain an “Upgrade Guide” that’s a must-read for anyone upgrading a 3.5.x project to 4.0 as there are a few differences that need to be accommodated.

One thing to note: If you got Unity3d v3.5 with the free Unity3d v3.5.x iOS module license when Unity3d so graciously offered that great deal, upgrading to 4.0 removes your ability to build for iOS without buying the Unity3d 4.0 iOS module upgrade.  Since you cannot open a project upgraded to 4.0 in 3.5.x, once you’ve installed 4.0 and upgraded your project you can’t build for an iOS device any more until you pay to upgrade to the Unity3d v4.0 iOS module.   As I noted in the last post, supposedly you can install 3.5.6 and 4.0 side-by-side by renaming the folder of the first install before installing the second, but I haven’t tried this yet because we’re just going to upgrade the iOS module to 4.0 instead.


One thought on “Unity3d v4 released! Also a tip from the release notes”

  1. I’m glad you mentioned the iOS thing. I did get that free before and would like to keep it. Have not upgraded to 4 yet (other irons were in the fire), so I will try the side by side thing like you mentioned and see how that works.

    Thanks to both of you for being a great resource! I appreciate you.


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