iOS Email tip: support for email aliases

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this, but I use email aliases pretty extensively for my various businesses – things like, (1) and a few to track which companies sell my email address (such as, which they haven’t sold so they pass the test :)).  This works great on OS X – just put the addresses comma separated in the Email Address field in the account setup in and they all show up as usable “from” addresses you can choose from when composing your emails.  But the cool part is you only have the single root email box to check & look through.

I’d not found a way to do this on iOS (no comma on the keyboard when you enter the Email Address field, just for starters) and my (painful) work-around was to set up dummy email accounts but iOS kept prompting me for passwords for them which was a serious pain in the neck!

Today I griped on twitter about this not being fixed in iOS and @rdsquared pointed out that I was being an idiot and that you simply create the string of email addresses in notepad (or whatever) as,,, then copy this string and paste them into the Email field in the mail account setup screen in Settings.  BINGO!  Works great so I owe @rdsquared a Guinness and you should buy him one also if this is useful to you 🙂

Thanks @rdsquared!

(1) All email addresses used in this post are fictitious.  Any resemblance to real persons or email addresses, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

7 thoughts on “iOS Email tip: support for email aliases”

  1. Does this still work? I haven’t been able to getting to work. I’ve tried the same type of solution I found on

    1. still working for me in iOS 6.0.1. I did notice that it dropped them when I synched with iTunes one time (may have had sync email accounts checked by accident).

      1. Bummer. Not working for me. I get an smtp error on the outbound side and I’ve tried a few configurations. Ug. I’d love for this to work! I’ll keep trying. Thx!

    2. Might be that it works for me because my outgoing smtp server doesn’t require authentication (have to have pulled email from the server first and then your IP is good for sending for 10 minutes or something).

      1. Yeah, I bet that’s it – I’m doing it via yahoo imap/smtp and that’s probably tighter. I have some other ideas that might work, but hoped this wd be an easy fix.

      2. Figured it out. I just had to set up my yahoo account including imap and smtp servers INCLUDING username/pw (I think I wasn’t doing that before b/c it detected my yahoo account and work, but then failed on my others). Thanks, great blog and all the best!

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