Summer Game Project meets goal!

So anyone who’s following us on twitter ( @GeekAndDad ) probably knows we decided to spend the summer making an iPad version of a game designed by our neighbor (a game designer with significant experience designing and publishing successful games – can’t say more until after GenCon 2012 !).  It’s been a HUGE project since we let him talk us into doing 3d (we liked the look of Unity3d so it wasn’t hard for him to convince us).  We’ve learned a ton and our goal – a playable demo in time for GenCon 2012 – was ambitious, to say the least.

I am happy to report today that we’ve delivered a build that we think meets this goal!  It’s not pretty (Unity’s default terrain is kind of ugly), and it’s perhaps a tad simple in places, but on the other hand it has a ton of functionality and is a playable 3d game with some moderately complex game mechanics that make it interesting to play.  Need some usability improvements to reduce friction and some performance improvements but I think it’s getting really close to being “Fun!” which is exciting.  The artists we hired to do the 3d models have done a great job and the in-game characters are both cool and fun.

Turns out we finished just in time since Geek is heading off for his annual summer-traveling-with-mom and GenCon 2012 is NEXT WEEK!  So, time for a few bug fixes, some polish, oh, and maybe we’ll try to sneak in “just one more character type” which just happens to have custom combat rules and… well, you get the idea 🙂

Hope your summer projects are going well also!



One thought on “Summer Game Project meets goal!”

  1. I can’t wait to see how your project turns out, guys. I have read some articles about programming and have heard that “feature creep” is definitely one of the pitfalls. It is hard to find that exit ramp sometimes.


    I am taking your advice and looking at doing Scratch with my boys; hopefully soon. I think that as soon as I get my new computer, we will jump in with both feet. My oldest is pretty stoked.

    Are you looking forward to Unity 4?

    Thanks for your blog!


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