Unity3d GUI.Label and GUISkin bug (in Unity 3.5.3)

Use a Custom Styles style in a Unity3d GUISkin for GUI.Labels to work around a bug in Unity3d with the default “Label” style.

Just ran into this apparent bug (which I reported to them) in Unity 3d v3.5.3f3 which I thought I’d document. Work-around included:

If you create a GUISkin and customize styles to use 24 point font GUI.Box and GUI.Button work as expected but GUI.Label does not pick up the font size set in the GUISkin.

The work-around is to use a Custom Styles gui skin style, in this case “myLabel” and then specify that to the third parameter to GUI.Label:

if ( GUI.Label( r, "hello", "myLabel" ) ) { ... }

will work and pick up your font size properly.


(A sample project demonstrating the bug & work-around is available here).

UPDATE: So, I ended up tracking this down and found that it’s the “Word Wrap” checkbox that causes the font size to be ignored.  You can use the default Label style as long as you uncheck the “Word Wrap” checkbox.  Clarified the bug with Unity so hopefully they’ll fix it sooner than later since Word Wrap is rather useful…

UPDATE 2: Turns out iOS doesn’t support dynamic fonts so to actually get the larger sized fonts there you have to import a font and set your GUISkin to use that.   Readable GUI elements on iPad 3 – yay!


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