Today we remember Nina – it’s her 9th birthday

Today would have been her 9th birthday.  Amazing to think it’s been so long since she came into our lives.  Geek & the Mom are off to a Track meet today and I can just picture how Nina would have loved going with them and how she would have been zooming around at the meet saying “I’m running so fast!” in her oh so cute voice because she always wanted to be like her older brother who she loved so much.

She loved to do Taekwondo in the waiting area while Geek was in his Taekwondo class. Here’s a page with a funny 20 second video of her mimicking/practicing Taekwondo kicks during grocery unpacking and put-away time (this was totally her idea).  She sure wanted to do what her older brother Geek did!

And here’s a fun picture of Nina on Christmas morning 2005 (her last Christmas with us) playing with one of Geek’s presents:

Nina Juggling Christmas 2005

Geek did a DoJump! summer class (highly recommended, as are their performances) and he really liked the various juggling activities, so he got this spinning “plate” kit and a set of juggling scarves for Christmas that year.  Of Course Nina just had to be like him and figure out how to spin that plate (way too challenging for a 2-1/2 year old, but that didn’t stop her from spending a lot of time working at it! :-)).

And, Yes, that’s one of Nina’s two baskets of books in the background – like Geek Nina loved to read just like her older brother 🙂  (we were, and still are, very grateful for the amazing Multnomah County Library).

Tax deductible donations in her memory will help find a cure and improve treatment options for others, not to mention more broadly aiding cancer research:

Thank you. -Dad


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