Grandpa exclaims at pace of technology…

When I showed Geek’s grandpa this link and exclaimed how wild the pace of technology was he replied:

Yea, quite wild…but, just imagine MY view of “future tech”…old as I am now, I well recall when our phone at the ranch had a crank that called an operator up in Jenner.  You would tell her whom you wanted to call and she would insert a plug into her board that made the connection!

I well remember when, in 1948 (I was 7), my Dad brought home one of the first TV sets in Mill Valley, if not THE first. He had gone to work for Chronicle Broadcasting in SF…Channel 4, and they had given him one so he could familiarize himself with the new media. It had a screen the shape of an ocilliscope and the image was greenish.  I recall watching the movie serial of Last of the Mohicans (released for movie theaters).  On Saturday about 20 neighborhood kids would gather to watch the new fangled TV…

When at Stanford the only computer on campus was in a dedicated BUILDING, which it occupied entirely.  Punch cards gave it the instructions and the engineering students who were allowed to use it proudly carried bundles of punch cards prominently in their shirt pockets.

The first Texas Instruments calculators came out in my Junior year and cost $400…they could add, subtract and multiply only. The other big development that year, at least in the Arch department, was the Rapidograph pen.

Your grandmother began life in horse drawn vehicles, rode behind steam engines, saw the beginning of passenger air travel, saw the arrival of radio and TV, watched a man walk on the moon, and watched over
my shoulder as I learned how to run my first little Mac….talk about a transition in one lifetime!!!

Crazy stuff,…..totally crazy.


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