Learn iOS Programming – Resources

I was asked by a client recently for a list of resources for learning iOS programming.  This was for an employee to learn iOS app programming, not game programming, so I’m leaving game programming resources off the list.  I know there are other books but I haven’t read them all (yet), so couldn’t really recommend them (yet).

Starting out in Objective C – this is an area I haven’t researched much.

‘Programming in Objective-C (3rd Edition)’ by Stephen G. Kochan

‘Beginning iPhone 4 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK’ by David Mark, Jack Nutting, Jeff LaMarche

‘iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Big Nerd Ranch Guides)’ by Joe Conway, Aaron Hillegass…2nd ed.

More advanced iOS programming book for after working through one of the above:

‘iOS Recipes: Tips and Tricks for Awesome iPhone and iPad Apps’ by Matt Drance & Paul Warren http://t.co/3mO7eBe


Apple has quite a bit of useful documentation on their site at http://developer.apple.com

Some good places to start (in approximate order I’d suggest reading them):

* iOS Overview – very high level overview of the OS, technology stacks etc.

** iOS Application Programming Guide:

* iOS Development Guide

* iOS Human Interface Guidelines – important to know how they are thinking about the UI design.

* Creating an iPhone Application – conceptual on what creating an app involves

* Learning Objective C – a Primer

*** The Objective C Programming Language – Strongly recommended

**** Memory Management Programming Guide ***  REQUIRED READING ****  MEMORIZE this one.

** Cocoa Fundamentals Guide – recommended.

* Your first iOS Application tutorial

* Tools for iOS Development

Finally, there is a TON of sample code available from Apple:

If one read all the apple provided docs and then went through the Big Nerd Ranch book, I’d guess they’d have a pretty solid starting point on which to build.  Probably take 2-8 weeks or something to read and digest it all, depending on the person.

Recommended by long-time mac programmer as essential reading:

Cocoa Design Patterns by Erik M. Buck & Donald A. Yacktman.


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