Symbolicating iOS crash logs…

So I got a crash log for an app and there was nothing useful in the crash log because it was from a release build of the app, no symbols.  I’m in Xcode 3.2.6 using iOS SDK 4.3.3.

Dragged the crash log into Xcode Organizer window to symbolicate it and… nothing. The file it created was the same unsymbolicated data as the file I started with.  Bummer…

Google search, found this post from 2008: iphone-crash-logs  Great, but note the change in the location of the script at the bottom of the comments, it’s now in:


So run that and then it fails.  Don’t Panic! It’s just finding the wrong symbols file.

Look at the output where it says, “Searching []…– NO MATCH” and then look for the

@dsym_paths =

and confirm that it’s finding the right thing.   In my case it was finding the build for the iphone-simulator which is definitely NOT going to work (no arm7 instructions).  Deleted that and then it found the DEBUG version – totally different layout.  Then a version from a branch, etc.

So, just keep deleting the wrong builds it’s finding one after another until the only one left is the one you want it to use.

I don’t know why it isn’t using the symbols path I passed on the command line, but this finally did work (when all that was left was the one in Xcode’s archived builds  – which you should use for this reason).



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