JSConf and NodeConf were intense but good!

JSConf and NodeConf were both held in Portland Oregon last week, and they were both great conferences.  Well run, great food, lively parties, and friendly organizers and attendees.  I had a good time, though it was very tiring.

Hearing from Mr. Ike about the future of JavaScript was interesting.  I personally don’t like some of the CoffeeScript inspired changes (I like my curly braces!), but that’s what 25 years of C/C++/ObjectiveC will do to you I suppose :).

Node.js seems to be a very interesting platform with a lot of attention an interest.  I want to dig deeper into it and figure out how they do what they do (kqueue and epoll apparently).   Supposedly they are using threads internally for the fileIO, but I don’t understand why since kqueue seems to support file descriptors.  Lots for me to learn as I’ve not done a great deal of unix programming, and certainly nothing at this low level.

JavaScript still seems messy and there seems to be a battle going on between the Procedural,  OOP and functional programming communities to shape the language which is unfortunate.  Seems like it is ending up being a mish-mash of all of these and thus rather messy and chaotic.  Perhaps I just need to actually learn it before I see the “beauty” of JavaScript!  🙂

Anyway, thanks to the organizers – it was a well coordinated event. And thanks to the other attendees who were almost all friendly and patient with this novice JavaScript & Node.js neophyte.


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