Today we remember Nina – it’s her 8th birthday

Today we remember Nina.  It’s her 8th birthday today.

One of my favorite photos of Nina – she’s wearing one of her gifts at Christmas 2005 when she was 2 1/2.  This was her last Christmas with us, though she missed Christmas 2006 by less than a week.

Tax deductible donations in her memory will help find a cure and improve treatment options for others: not to mention more broadly aiding cancer research.

Thank you. -Dad


3 thoughts on “Today we remember Nina – it’s her 8th birthday”

  1. Cancer doesnt look at how old someone is or the way they lived life
    Even the bravest little soldiers of life get caught by it.

    Let’s hope one day that cancer will be one of those things we look back at in history books and say “What a horrible time That was!”

    Happy 8th birthday Nina

  2. We all really miss her. I just don’t have words to express… She was such a ray of sunshine. You guys are the best family imaginable for her. She was so lucky to have you and you were so lucky to have her.

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