Geek’s javascript & html dungeon crawler

Originally started on his iPod Touch in a little app with a text editor and UIWebkit view that Geek wrote so that he could program on his touch (after “lights out!” time no doubt!), this game has moved to a desktop computer where typing is easier and he can make the dungeon larger.

Random dungeon creation in javascript, all html display.   Here’s a sample dungeon he just sent me on chat to show me  he just got pickup of objects and basic inventory display working:

Text Dungeon, javascript and html generated


Maybe I can get him to write some more about the program, or let me host it up at so people can play it (when he’s done).  He said it was “a rogue-like” or something like that 🙂


3 thoughts on “Geek’s javascript & html dungeon crawler”

    1. 🙂 Thanks!

      He’s made a ton of progress since I posted this. It’s now a minimally playable game with a quest (“get as much gold as you can before your torch(es) run out”). Got some neat algorithms for generating “items” (gold, weapons, armor, etc etc) that involves having a “home level” for each item type and an equation indicating how the frequency of occurrence of such items being randomly generated falls off related to distance from the “home” level for a given item… etc.

      I need to get him to give me another screen shot because he’s also added a bunch of new displays -stats, what the user is using versus has in back-pack, etc. Added first cut at auto-generation of towns. Not sure what else.

      And Geek said he liked the idea of putting the game up as a playable thing at so that’s pretty exciting! Be a bit before it’s ready for that (and we’ll see if his interest is sufficient to push through that last 10% to finish which is always the hardest to motivate through…).

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