Grandpa goes back in time…

picture of grandpa in period garb January 2011
Grandpa Boone in period garb

Grandpa Boone in the outfit and gear he’s putting together for his upcoming minor role in a filmed 1778 battle re-enactment.  He’s really getting into this – even letting his hair get longer than it’s ever been.  It’s all a little too clean yet, but he goes out shooting pretty often (there’s a shooting competition at the event he’ll be attending, apparently), so if he wears the outfit while doing that I’m sure it’ll get more “used” looking!   I think he’s connecting with our ancestor Daniel Boone after whom he’s named.  We’ll see how he does in the shooting competition… then we’ll know if he’s really holding up the family reputation or not.  ha! 😀


One thought on “Grandpa goes back in time…”

  1. WOW!!! That looks like the real deal for sure!!!!!!! I know that mountain man. He should ride a horse to the shooting property and really trip people out. Time warp for sure!

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