Does your Geek slouch? (or you?)

I’ve been increasingly bothered by how much Geek’s shoulders and head are finding their natural position to be more and more forward, shoulders rounded forward neck jutting out and back curving back to compensate.  Just looks like headaches and shoulder/back pain in his future, never mind the social repellent factor, every time I see him in this position.  He and I have brain-stormed things that would shock him or buzz when he slouched, but never actually made anything.

Recently a friend loaned us something that her physical therapist recommended for her shoulder/neck pain (she rolled shoulders forward with head naturally getting pushed forward at the same time, neck bent, and middle back pushed backwards for balance).  I think this thing has a lot of potential.  She said it certainly worked for her – no more neck and shoulder pain.

The idea is that it helps the overly shortened muscles that have gotten used to the poor posture position stretch out slowly and regain the balanced length that supports good posture.  I might borrow it after he’s done!  🙂

Anyway, here’s a link:



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