Thoughts On Life

Dad stumbled upon this while cleaning out a “miscellaneous box.”  A moment in time, in the form of a poem from the end of a tumultuous sophomore year in college:

Walking backwards,
Looking down all the crossroads,
I didn't take.
To see the lives I will not live.
There is no going back.
Only one path is mine.
Sadness - so many paths appeal.
Try to look ahead,
the memories of choices made,
of turns not taken,
Haunt and cause hesitation,
Fear of wrong choices.
A Hope that paths have destinations
in common.
Different languages say the same things,
Could different paths lead to the same place?



4 thoughts on “Thoughts On Life”

    1. Well, in this particular case I was dealing with the consequences of a sequence of choices I’d made that weren’t so smart. Thinking about this led me to thinking about choices I’d let others make for me in the past, which, in retrospect, I realized I should have been more firm in holding my ground on and making for myself.

      The advice I offer any high school or college bound person who asks (or is willing to listen) includes these two key pieces:

      Pick Your Friends

      The people you spend time with, the people you get close to, these are the people who will influence your life path. If you choose friends who are going somewhere and making something of themselves then you are more likely to do the same.

      The friends you make in college are likely to be a key part of your adult “network” of people who help each other with the opportunities and challenges that are part of every life. What kind of people will you want to have asking you for help and support, and offering help and support to you in return?

      And the second piece of advice I offer is this:

      Your Choices Matter

      So, don’t treat them lightly. Even if some choices seem minor and of little long term import, they may effect the rest of your life so pause a moment and give them real consideration. Don’t obsess over every single choice, but a moment of contemplation doesn’t take long and might well change the course of your life.

      This includes the obviously simple things like, “do I get a ride home in this car, or do I get a taxi/bus/or walk?” when you know or suspect that the driver of the car has been drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs.

      And the the bigger choices about the direction of your life, what you want to do, who you want to be. Don’t let others make these for you; don’t just go with the flow when some contemplation might provide insights that will open a path of greater fulfillment in your life.

  1. Very good advice here – for me the “your choices matter” especially resonates, in this period of starting my business :] Choosing which opportunities to pursue can make a huge difference down the road at this point! Thanks for sharing :]

  2. I met and became friends with “Dad’ after our sophomore year. Whatever choices or changes he made before then I don’t know, he was and is a great human being. One I completely respect and am glad to have known. His comments on making the right choices, especially which friends you choose, is perhaps the most important advice that anyone could ever take. Your destiny and dreams are defined by those around you.

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