Geek gets his Black Belt!

Today Geek completed the second half of his two-day Black Belt test in Taekwando.  Pretty intense test but he made it through successfully.  Here’s a photo I caught as he successfully performed his Power Break – two 8″ boards at once:

photo of Geek breaking doubled 8" boards for Power Break for Black Belt test

He had to take on a black belt and the largest poom belt at once in the sparring part – pretty intense!   He rocked on the terminology part, answering things others got stuck on correctly and with confidence.  His forms were good, little weak at first due to nervousness but all his hard work over the last 3 weeks really showed.

Gave Geek his Black Belt Test Accomplishment gift: I made him a custom belt and weapon display/storage rack:

He was pretty psyched – yay! 🙂


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