Geek’s Busy Summer Schedule

Some asked what Geek’s summer plans were like, so here they are:

  • 2 weeks here with me -> Geek & Dad show
  • 1.5 weeks at Camp Sunshine in Maine (counting travel)
  • Few days with cousins in MN on the way to:
  • 2 weeks immersion Chinese Language camp
  • 1 week “Engineering: Electronics, Robotics & Programming” course at Saturday Academy in Portland
  • 1 week Architecture class at Saturday Academy in Portland
  • 1 week Geek & Dad show
  • 1 week School of Rock in Portland
  • 2 week game and animation camp w/ Saturday Academy(tentative – possibly replaced with 1 week psychology course at Saturday Academy & 1 week G&D)
  • 1 week Geek & Dad show
  • School starts

(Might not have the order of the second half quite right because we haven’t finalized the Saturday Academy classes yet, but something like the above).

A Very busy summer!  Note that these are are things Geek asked to do; no pressure to do any of this from us.  I was thinking we might spend another Geek & Dad summer, but this looks like a pretty fun-filled summer and we’ll have various weeks to play as well as weekends, and after the local classes.  I’ll be here all summer.


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