Today we remember Nina – it’s her 7th birthday

Today we remember Nina.  It is her 7th birthday today.

Here’s a picture of her at her 3rd and last birthday party:

She’s wearing a funny “poofy” amount of clothes because she has on a party dress over her normal clothes and then a shirt she received as a gift on top of that.  As you can see from her smile, she had a great time.

Tax deductible donations in her memory will help find a cure and improve treatment options for others: .

Thank you. -Dad


One thought on “Today we remember Nina – it’s her 7th birthday”

  1. That is an adorable picture of her. I dress Wes poofy on purpose so people can’t tell how scrawny he is and call child protective services on me ;0) Happy Birthday baby girl.

    Good luck Geek on your chess tournament. I know Nina is so proud of her big brother. Mr. Future (nice) big time business owner ;0)

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