Dad found his first Garage Band experiment… what a laugh!

I was random shuffling my entire iTunes library today and it played this hack recording I made the day I got GarageBand.  I hadn’t played music much in years, but just listening to this I remember just how much fun I had doing this and how much fun playing music has been in the past.   I remember being just amazed that one could now have a multi-track recording studio on a laptop!  Hearing it makes me want to buy a bass and bass amp (I now have a drum kit but no mic(s) to record with – this was jacking straight into the laptop audio input port).

Alas, I recorded this one test and never did anything else (time, time, time!).  I need to carve out some time to play more music – GarageBand is astoundingly FUN!


One thought on “Dad found his first Garage Band experiment… what a laugh!”

  1. That was JAMMIN’! I think you need to put something together with Geek and play it at the talent show at camp ;0) Just a thought… ;0)

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