Indie Developers: Put a link to your website in help menu!

It happens too often: I open an application because I can’t remember the company name or website address and found that there is no place in the application to get to the website. This is crazy!

This usually happens for those small applications that I don’t use often, but that I think are useful (I won’t name any names here, but if you’ve been in a MacHeist bundle you might check your application for this omission).

Put a link to the website in your about box. Put a “Visit” menu item in your Help menu or in your Application menu if you don’t have a help menu.  (ok ok, use your own domain, but you get the idea :-)).

This is a critical element of your marketing campaign. Yes, automatic checking for updates is a good thing and you need that.  But what if I’m wondering if you have any other products I might be interested in? What if I want to tell a friend about your product and want the URL to copy and paste into an email to them?

You should also include a way to report a bug or get support.  Now this might take the user to a forum (as a user I hate forums, especially if I have to “join” or “register”), or open a new email message  in the default mail application, or take me to a form on your website. Whatever it is, you need something easy and visible to the user.  This is how you are going to get ideas for future versions.  This is how you are going to impress your customers with your incredible support – the kind of impression that gets them to talk to their friends about your application and increases your sales.

ok. off my soapbox. have a nice day.


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