iMac 27″ quad-core i5 – Recommended!

Dad here – got a 27″ iMac (i5 model, quad-core) with the LED backlight last week when my MBP video died*.  Wow! This is one sweet machine! Noticeably faster than the MBP (Santa Rosa board, LED backlit screen) that’s been my main machine for ~3 years.  Having the 27″ screen plus the 24″ screen that was previously hooked up to the MBP as a second monitor makes for a LOT of screen space.  No flicker or yellowing problems so far (1 week) so Apple seemed to have addressed those problems.

I’m also really impressed with the speakers in this computer – best onboard speakers in any computer I’ve ever owned (and I’ve lost count of how many I’ve owned in the last 20+ years).

Trying hard to think of a complaint, but the only one I can think of is that the CD drive seems a bit loud on some disks (though wasn’t noticeable on the Dave Matthews Band “The Gorge” DVD I was watching until way too late last night!).

Anyway, highly recommended.  So much cheaper than a MacPro with an equivalent monitor and nearly as powerful;  you essentially get the monitor for free!

Update: The other complaint I have is that the monitor height is not adjustable.  My desk is setup with a keyboard tray and the monitor is too high for that kind of setup.  It’s totally perfect if you have the keyboard on the desk in front of the monitor, but too high if you are sitting 3-4 inches lower with the keyboard on a tray under the desk.  Unfortunately, I built my desk for this setup and it’s too high off the ground to just move my keyboard up to the desk (chair doesn’t go high enough).  Might be time to purchase that adjustable desk that I’ve been thinking about – it works for sitting or standing.

*(Apple fixed it under warranty in 3.5 days – very good service!)


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