Xcode user defaults allows some good stuff!

Thanks to @ddribin for the reminder that Xcode user defaults contains some good stuff.

Apple documentation is here.

Here are the settings I just set different from the defaults (yah, I know, I like lots of space):

defaults write com.apple.Xcode XCCodeSenseFormattingOptions -dict InExpressionsSpacing " " InFunctionArgsSpacing " " InMessageSpacing " " PostColonSpacing " " MessageArgSpacing " " BlockSeparator "\n"

Not sure that’s all how I want it yet, but hopefully that’ll fix a few things I dislike (like when I select something in the help text and it’s pasted in all cramped with no white space.

Unfortunately, MessageArgSpacing doesn’t seem to be working… in Xcode v3.1.4 anyway… šŸ˜¦

Reminder that the application shouldn’t be running when you’re editing user defaults.


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