iPad design

Geek & Dad have a coveted early-access developer iPad? How in the world did we get on that list?!

Geek & Dad only has one small app in the AppStore! Maybe Apple’s trying to motivate young programmers for that’s where they see the innovation coming from? Astounding!

Ah, not quite 🙂 :

Reality: after reading a tweet by @ravenme, dad decided to make an iPad prototype to get a sense of how users will interact with the device. Definitely helps to get a feel for it! However, the pictures above before dad realized it needs to weigh more.   Matte board and cardboard make for a very light iPad!  Dad quickly realized that he was holding it in portrait mode with one hand in a manner that was not something users were going to be doing (at least not for long.  Adding weight is clearly needed. That’s next.

Fun experiment.


One thought on “iPad design”

  1. Lol your first picture got me, I have to admit! :] Very cool idea though, and interesting observation about how it’s likely to be held, hadn’t thought about that. Do you think the most likely use case is to have it resting on a lap while using (both?) hands to use the device?

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