Dad makes an anniversary “fo’ eva’ flower” for Geek’s Mom

A forever flower, or in hawaii pidgin, “fo’ eva flower” (or something like that).

First color drawing in decades, clearly some skill to (re)acquire..

colored pencil sketch of an iris, by dad.
An Iris for 23 years! (click to enlarge)

Graphite pencil for the rough shape, then Berol Prismacolor Colored Pencil 48 Color Set to finish it out.  I tried some Faber-Castell Color Pencils “POLYCHROMOS” but I only have a set of 36 colors and it just didn’t have the right colors for an Iris while the 48 pencil set did. There is a nice Prismacolor Pencil – Thick Lead 96 Piece Set that I might upgrade to sometime, but they aren’t inexpensive….. (!)

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