Bit of Dad’s ancient history…

Dad and Dad-of-Dad playing a slack-key duet back in 1982. Late at night after who knows how many libations (maybe after a gig where Dad ran sound for Dad-of-Dad’s band? not sure). Recording quality is about as bad as it gets, but as a snapshot of a rare moment it’s priceless (Dad must be getting old to be getting sentimental like this).  Somewhat rock-n-rolled up version of some slack-key.  Dad was (and is still) more into rock-n-roll, but dad-of-dad who’d played surf music and rock-n-roll in the 60’s had long ago moved on to slack-key Hawaiian music.

Kelakela Rough Rider (sort of), 1982 mp3

(might have to right-click to save linked file to disk as server might not be up to streaming it…)


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