Geek Likes it HOT!


Geek likes spicy food, so he and mom bought a pepper plant at the farmers market and we got a super crop of REALLY HOT peppers! (no idea what kind they are; well, the HOT kind!)


and that’s after we’d already harvested enough to eat a bunch and even make yummy hot sauce!

ready to eat!


3 Responses to “Geek Likes it HOT!”

  1. Matt Giger Says:

    Yum, they look like cayenne peppers.

  2. dad Says:

    We don’t actually know what kind they are since we got the plant start from a woman at the Farmer’s Market and either didn’t ask or forgot what she said… They are HOT though – that we know without a doubt!

  3. Kristin Young Says:

    Sean loves hot food! Collin too. If you have a good hot sauce recipe, pass it along!

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