Work-around for multiple iPhone Dev account and code signing and Xcode Organizer problems

Xcode gives errors when you have multiple iPhone developer accounts and the name on the keys for the certificate are the same. This post outlines the two areas (Xcode Organizer and code signing) where there are problems and provides work-arounds.

Update 2/2010: This is no longer a problem because apple now issues certificates with a hex hash after the name.  So if you regenerate all your certificates and profiles they can then all live in your login keychain just fine (you’ll have to delete the old ones).


Ok, maybe everyone else already knows this, but since it boggled apple dev support (the bug I wrote 6635822 and the duplicate someone else opened, 6229180 both seem to still be open) I thought I’d write about the work-around I figured out today:

First, the problems:

There are two related problems, with two related work-arounds.

Both problems arise when you have two iPhone developer accounts and the name on the keys for the certificates are the same (likely since you are required to use a person’s name and your real name when signing up with Apple, AND your name on the certificate request has to be the same as what you signed up with).



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