Thank You Customers!

Just wanted to send out a thanks to those people who have purchased Dial-a-Dice.  Two purchases each of the last two days – pretty fun!  It’s especially neat to see the purchases from people outside the USA: one from Australia and one from France.  Wow – cool!

Dial-a-Dice is a simple little app, but it’s pretty cool and actually useful without a lot of glitz.  Geek has some ideas for some improvements and, of course, Geek has a bunch of more ambitious ideas that hopefully we’ll actualize some of this summer.  (I have a few of my own, but seems unlikely that there will be time for those until the fall :)).

Update 2009.05.30 – Countries with customers now include: France, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Australia, and the USA.  Very neat.


Author: geekanddad

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